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We already collected 3 550€ by May 31st, securing our initial goal of 30 readers. Because there is plenty of needs and time until we complete the digital library, you can Donate Now to Increase the Nb. of devices we will distribute in Mali. Each 110€ will add up another device!

Human’ESDES is a registered non-profit in Lyon, France. We work with Jokkolabs in Mali, a social-change hub and co-working space on the MALeBOOKS project.

Mali (West Africa) desperately needs books.

That's a fact, and that's a problem. Shipping books is not possible: too heavy, too hard to select, too difficult to distribute and maintain.

What if we could send them eReaders (Kindle-like) instead and fill those with thousands of books ? Would that help ?

→ Help us raise about $5,000 and find out after 6 months!

A Simple Goal

We believe in reading being an extremely useful development factor ; by itself.

We want to provide content-full devices to various groups of people who might benefit from reading and see what happens.

We only need hardware money. Everything else is covered!

We understand how frustrating it can feel to donate to such a project and see all the money going into misc expenditures.

This is why we already raised $8,000 which will cover all the non-hardware cost: plane tickets, shipping, customs, training, distribution, etc. Indiegogers are only left with the actual hardware, how relieving!

Hardware Budget (crowdfunding)
Campaign spans from April 1st to May 31st.
ItemQuantityUnit CostTotal
MicroSD Card (32G)30$17$500
Mini Solar Chargers (1,200 mAh)30$26$792

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Association Human'ESDES (check label)
23 place Carnot,
69002 Lyon, France.

Donate from Mali

You can also come and meet us at Jokkolabs Bamako

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is now over.

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What we're gonna do

They Support Us

Ladji Doucouré (Wikipédia)

60m hurdles and 110m hurdles World Champion.

Mohamed Diaby (WATI-B)

Boxing World Champion

Philippe Couve, journaliste

Philippe Couve est un journaliste renommé, ancien de RFI, OWNI, Rue 89. Il est l'initiateur de la plateforme Mondoblog et un spécialiste du journalisme et des transformations technologiques en Afrique.

Il nous a accordé une interview le 26 avril 2014 dans laquelle il défends le projet.

Hafizou Touré, responsable TIC Collectif Cri de Cœur

Hafizou Boncana Touré est juriste de formation et responsable des aspects TIC (technologies de l'informatio et de la communication) pour le Collectif Cri de Cœur, une association à but non lucratif formée au moment de la crise par des jeunes Maliens.

Au plus fort de la crise, alors que les groupes armés contrôlaient le nord du Mali, le collectif a ouvert un corridor humanitaire pour acheminer les dons des maliens.

Leur détermination et leur professionalisme en ont fait des amis des populations de Gao (où ils sont installés) et un acteur incontournable pour tous les partenaires.

Il nous a accordé une interview le 27 avril 2014 dans laquelle il défends le projet.

Let's Talk

This is our first Indiegogo campaign, so please help us gear towards the right direction by dropping us a comment here. We'll do our best to answer quickly.

Contact Us : human.esdes@gmail.com ou (33) 6 61 89 47 71.